IT-Eurasia is a rebranding product of a consulting company (LB-Counsel), founded in 2010 by a veteran of the Russian IT market, a Russian citizen Luc Brunet.

He moved to Russia in January 1993. Participated in the formation of the Russian market, heading the representative offices of a number of international suppliers, such as 3Com and EMC. Then he worked for 14 years on the boards of directors of major Russian IT distributors.

As one of the first participants in the development of the IT market in Russia, he was deeply disappointed when most Western IT vendors decided to leave Russia in 2022, leaving partners and customers without their products, services and support. However, this did not come as a surprise: Luc Brunet considered and analyzed this possibility for many years, observing the growing tensions between the West and Russia, as well as learning from early examples of sudden withdrawal of Western IT suppliers from Russia, like Splunk or NetGear.

Today, the 30-years development of a very stable and capable Russian IT market should be actively rethought, despite the instability of the external environment.

This is an important, noble and absolutely concrete task. It needs to be successfully solved – within the Eurasian IT market.