“Words without Experience are meaningless” – Vladimir Nabokov

The Russian IT and Telecommunications market has been going through hard times since February 2022.

A stable and well-established IT ecosystem arose before our eyes in the 90s, and then reached its full development in the last ten years, making Russia one of the most developed countries in terms of the use of IT by every citizen. But now this ecosystem is degrading very quickly due to the departure of most Western hardware and software suppliers.

The consequences will not come immediately. The IT world in Russia is still in the process of restructuring, many questions about the future remain unanswered.

Since 2021, IT-Eurasia has been anticipating the evolution that we are seeing today and has invested in developing relationships with companies in the Eurasian geographical region (or on the Silk Road), in countries such as China, Korea, as well as in Vietnam, Pakistan, India and Iran.

Based on the knowledge gained by these countries, we can help Russian IT companies (distributors, system integrators, resellers, vendors, etc.) solve a number of new tasks that did not exist before February 2022, and problems that will appear in the nearest future.

A few typical – highly relevant, and even urgent – tasks are listed below:

  • purchase of hardware and software, components inside and outside Russia, including new or refurbished Western products, branded or OEM / ODM products from Eurasia;
  • organization of support for a huge base of installed Western equipment and software without any engineering assistance from suppliers;
  • development strategy in the new conditions, creation of a new IT ecosystem, taking into account further evolution and risks that may occur due to tense international relations.