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Russia is an attractive market for many Eurasian companies. Success in this market can be achieved by understanding Russian IT-specifics, as well as local government regulations, for example, related to the requirements for products that can be used by government organizations.

The Russian IT channel is also structured in a two-tier model (distributor and reseller between supplier and end user), which is less common in the rest of Eurasia.

Russian-made products may also be of interest to foreign companies to complement their offer on the domestic market.

The format of the consultation varies greatly by product and market. Services we can provide are:

Go-to-Market Strategy

A detailed analysis of your product portfolio and positioning will determine the best possible go-to-market strategy, taking into account, in particular, the following aspects:

  • Do you need a local structure in Russia, and if you already have one, is it well adapted to your business model?
  • what type of channel model do you need – direct sales, single-tier or two-tier? which partners to recommend?
  • adapted pricing policy;
  • Is your PR and marketing strategy effective?
  • how to motivate and train local business partners?
  • What are your options for Customer Service in Russia?
  • what Russian products and services could complement your company’s offer at home?

Typically, these projects can be completed at a fixed price and require 3 to 5 days of work, including at least one day of interactive work with your functional teams.

Operations management

Whether you are starting a business in Russia or already running a small organization, we can help you achieve better control and management of your local organization, even without a local office or a staff operations manager, allowing you to focus your staff on business development and sales.

Our services may include, for example:

  • support, motivation and training of your local partners;
  • support of key clients;
  • coaching your local team: sales processes, time management, ethics, etc.;
  • management and control of suppliers (accounting services, outstaffing, etc.)

If necessary, IT-Eurasia can provide recruitment services. As a rule, such work is performed on the basis of a contract with fees for a certain number of hours of work per week.

Please note that IT-Eurasia is fully focused on its field of activity – sales of products and solutions in the field of IT and high technologies. For your other needs, such as bookkeeping, legal advice, outstaffing, we can recommend reliable suppliers whom we know and trust.

Business audit and change management

If your company already has a local office in Russia, but the organization is not as successful as it should be, we can help you identify the reasons for this situation: they can be related to the business model, market entry, motivation and qualifications of employees, channel quality etc.

After an overall assessment of the necessary actions, we can also help you implement them and monitor the result.

Such projects are usually based on a fixed price and require at least 10 days of work, depending on the size of your organization. Regular evaluation and follow-up can be arranged subsequently on the basis of a separate contract.