“Doubt is the key to knowledge” (Iranian proverb)

The landscape of the Russian IT industry has changed a lot since 2015 with the start of the import substitution program. More and more HW and SW are produced in Russia, some Russian products are actively sold in other countries, in particular in Europe.

It is necessary to reorient Russian IT companies to the countries of Eurasia, to develop Russia’s cooperation with a number of Eurasian companies that have already proven themselves well in Africa and, to some extent, in South America.

Depending on the local situation, some of these countries may be more interested in Russian hardware less dependent on US technology, while others may be primarily interested in software such as big data or information security.

Services we can provide:

Market entry strategy (Go-to-Market)

A detailed analysis of your product portfolio and positioning will allow you to determine the best possible go-to-market strategy, including, for example, the following aspects:

  • do you need a local structure and is it well adapted to your business model?
  • what type of channel model do you need – direct sales, single-tier or two-tier? which partners do we recommend?
  • adapted pricing policy
  • is your PR and marketing strategy effective?
  • how to motivate and train local business partners?
  • How should customer service be provided?

As a rule, such projects are completed at a fixed price and require 8 to 14 days of work, including at least one day of interactive work with your functional teams. After that, we can organize regular follow-up sales management on the basis of a separate contract.

Business audit and change management

If your company already has sales outside of Russia, but the operations are not as successful as you would like, we can help you determine the reasons for this situation. They may be related to the business model, methods of entry into the market, motivation and qualifications of employees, channel quality, etc.

After an overall assessment of the necessary actions, we can also help you implement them and monitor the result.

Such projects are usually based on a fixed price and require at least 14 days of work, depending on the size of your organization. Regular evaluation and follow-up may be scheduled subsequently on the basis of a separate contract.